The investments in shares of the fund do not constitute deposits with Banco Hipotecario S.A., Deutsche Bank S.A. or Banco de Valores S.A., for the purposes of the Financial Entities Act, nor are they provided with any of the guarantees that such sight deposits or term deposits may have according to the laws and regulations applicable to deposits with financial entities. Furthermore, Banco Hipotecario S.A., Deutsche Bank S.A. and Banco de Valores S.A. are prevented by the provisions of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic from assuming, tacitly or expressly, any commitment as to maintaining at any time the value of the invested capital, the yield, the redemption value of the shares or the supply of liquidity to such effect.

Investors Warning

Investors should be aware that certain local and foreign companies offer in several means of communication investment funds which are not provided with the corresponding authorization from the CNV. The offers made to local investors from abroad which allow to operate through IT platforms or web pages represent a high risk to investors. Therefore, a warning is given concerning the high risk of capital loss that making investments through non-authorized entities may potentially carry, and the consequences that the violation to Law 26,831 of Capital Markets may entail. If you wish to know the list of asset management agents, collective investment products custody agents (depositary companies) registered with the CNV, access www.cnv.gob.ar.

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User gives his consent to the assignment of these data to all the entities associated to BACS ADMINISTRADORA DE ACTIVOS S.A. SGFCI with the same purposes or other persons to comply with any legal obligation or by virtue of a legal interest. User also agrees to this assignment even when the receiver of such data is out of the Argentine Republic – in which case, the compliance with the security standards required by the Argentine Law shall be demanded from it. Access to users’ personal data shall be limited to those persons who need them to fulfill their duties.

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The owner of the personal data: (i) has the power to exercise the right to have access to them on a gratuitous basis, at intervals no inferior to six months, unless a legitimate interest is proven to such effect according to the provisions of Section 14, Paragraph 3, Law 25,326; (ii) may request the revocation of the authorization to use personal data for direct marketing purposes; and (iii) has the power to request the rectification and suppression of personal data.

The National Agency for Personal Data Protection, enforcement agency under Law 25,326, has the power to deal with reports and claims filed in connection with failure to comply with the provisions regarding personal data protection.

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