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Toronto Trust

Med. Term Fixed Income

Data to Date



The fund seeks capital appreciation while maintaining a moderate exposure to risk. The fund invests primarily in local mid-term fixed income securities, both in pesos and in dollars.

NAV Evolution*

January 2019

Last 3 Months: Nov 2018 - Dec 2018 - Jan 2019 -

From 02-01-2019 To 31-01-2019

Last year: From 01-02-2018 To 31-01-2019

*Curve corresponding to NAV
Class B share. Valuation of 1.000 shares.
  • 1M
  • 3M
  • YTD
  • 12M


Performance 1M 3M YTD 12M 2018 2017
Class A 6,44% 16,78% 6,44% 44,64% 39,15% 24,25%
Class B 6,49% 16,91% 6,49% 45,29% 39,78% 24,81%
Class C 6,48% 16,89% 6,48% 45,18% 39,67% 24,72%

Asset allocation

Interest rate and currency breakdown

Data to Date


Fund Information

Manager BACS Adm. de Activos SASGFCI
Custodian BACS
Rating (A+) FIX SCR
Class A Fees* 2,500%
Class B Fees* 2,0495%
Class C Fees* 2,125%
Redemption 48 hs
Minimum Subscription $1.000
Subscription / Redemption Fee 0,00%
*Annual Fees as percentage of the fund´s Net Worth. It includes management and custodian fees.
Net Worth ($) $770.525.894,790
NAV (of 1.000 shares)
Class A $21.809,054
Class B $4.804,995
Class C $4.784,917
(NAV net of fees and ordinary management expenses. Valuation of 1.000 shares).

Portfolio Data

Duration 1.09
Código Bloomberg -

Main Holdings

TP AF19 19,04%
Lecap vto. 31/07/2020 6,47%
ON Banco Provincia BPBA Clase V UVA 6,18%
Plazo Fijo Banco Santander Rio 5,86%
TP DICA 5,71%
TP A2M2 5,57%
FF Vicentin Export S7C 5,31%
ON Don Mario - Serie 4 4,86%
TP Provincia de Bs As 31/05/2022 4,76%
Plazo Fijo Banco Santander Rio 2,62%
Lecer vto. 22/02/2019 (LTCF9) 2,57%
Plazo Fijo Banco de la Provincia de Córdoba 2,02%

Risk Profile

  • LOW
  • MED.
  • HIGH

BACS Administradora de Activos S.A.S.G.F.C.I: All rights reserved. Buenos Aires, Argentina. The investments in shares of the fund do not constitute deposits with BACS nor with BANCO HIPOTECARIO S.A, for the purposes of the Financial Entities Act, nor are they provided with any of the guarantees that such sight deposits or term deposits may have according to the laws and regulations applicable to deposits with financial entities. Furthermore, BACS and BANCO HIPOTECARIO S.A. are prevented by the provisions of the CENTRAL BANK OF THE ARGENTINE REPUBLIC from assuming, tacitly or expressly, any commitment as to maintaining at any time the value of the invested capital, the yield, the redemption value of the shares or the supply of liquidity to such effect. NAV net of fees and ordinary management expenses.